Nick's Battle

Nicholas Heuchan

This website is dedicated to the battle that Nicholas "Nick" Heuchan is fighting against Juvenile Batten Disease.

Batten Disease

Batten Disease is a lysosomal storage disorder that attacks the brain. There are several types that start at different ages. Physical and mental loss at and age much earlier than normal. Then premature death that is very ugly.

Most children with Batten Disease will go through blindness, eplilepsy, symptoms similiar to Lou Gehrigs(ALS), alzheimers with total mental and physical loss. Many alos loose their ability to walk, talk and eat.


We will track what Nick is doing in his life both good and bad.

Fund Raising

We will be using fund raisers to help promote research in the field of Batten Disease. This will be a good place to go help support us in trying to find a cure or treatment for Batten Disease.

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